Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why is it that people need Beer Salt?

Do you need salt?  Yes……the body needs certain amounts of salt! 

Salt or sodium, is an electrolyte that your body needs. Electrolytes are minerals that dissolve in water and can carry electrical charges.  Pure water does not conduct electricity, but water containing salt does. They are electrically charged so they can carry nutrients into and out of your cells.  They also carry messages along your nerves and help control your heartbeat.

Blah Blah Blah…………….Who cares!  We need salt for taste, its obvious people tolerate different levels of salt.  I’m assuming the use of salt throughout one’s lifetime develops different level of salt tolerance. 

Whatever……………Why Beer Salt?    
Putting salt in beer stems from a few philosophies - all of which seem to have had a purpose at one time or another.

·         An old wives' tale said that putting a sprinkle of salt in your beer would stave off cramping during hard work. Dehydration can cause cramping of the muscles, because of the depletion of minerals in the body. Adding salt to the beer would make the worker thirsty, and thus he would drink more beer to relieve the dehydration.

·         Others add salt to beer for flavor purposes; post-prohibition (1933) beer had turned into somewhat of an ugly being. Breweries had to cut costs and started to use cheaper ingredients like rice and corn, which made for a nearly flavorless beer. These beers are still around, though most people have become accustomed to flavorless beer and so have no need for the salt. Many South and Central American beer drinkers will add salt and sometimes hot sauce and/or lemon, for flavor, or to mask off flavor in beer.

That’s where we come in, Twang Beer Salt has been adding flavor to beer for 25 years now.  The idea was generated with the owner of Twang Partners traveling through Mexico. He was a first-hand witness to a very generic version of how Twang is used and produced today. 

Just like adding salt on watermelon or cantaloupe brings out the sweetness in the fruit, salt cuts down on the bitterness of some beers and brings out flavors in others. 

Twang takes the concept of the “Salt” and the “Lime” and combining the two flavors together to make its own distinct citrus flavor.  Never would I tell you not to add the lime to your beer with Twang, but we if you didn’t have the lime, we’ve got you covered.

Here is what bartenders have heard their patrons say why they use/like beer salt:

1.      I like the way it tastes. (Salt is a natural flavor enhancer)
2.      It makes me thirstier so I can drink more. (Salt increases thirst)
3.      I don’t have to pee as often. (Salt retains fluid)
4.      I don’t belch as much. (Salt removes carbonation)
5.      I can drink more and don’t fill up as fast. (Less carbonation)
6.      My dad/grandpa always drank it this way. (Family tradition)
7.      The guy with the pretty blond is doing it. (My favorite)


  1. I love this article because I am not a fan of salt in my beer. I just eat beer salt by itself but I have always wondered WHY it it even exists. Thank you Twang

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  5. Just picked up your michelada and spicy lime. Enjoying with a lovely Pacifico. This stuff is awesome, you guys rock! Big shoutout from PHX, AZ!!