Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twang Beer Salt in Texas Motor Speedway, Samsung Mobile 500

Texas Motor Speedway has a  three-day Texas-sized event called  Samsung Mobile 500. The double-header race weekend features the Nationwide on Friday night and the Samsung 500 on Saturday night bringing 400,000+ spectators. Twang was in the middle of it all.  The Twang Mobile Lick Lab was in Midway educating about Beer Salt and giving away Twang swag like Sunglasses, Koozies, Key chains, etc. Midway is the before party of  NASCAR enthusiasts tailgating hours before the event starts.  Every person entering the race track was able to bring in their own beer in a 14”x14”x14” cooler, as much beer as the cooler could hold.  Brookshire, which is a convenient store in the camping area, was another location that carried Twang Bottles for purchase.  We had so much fun that  we'll be back in Texas Motor Speedway "Midway" for the AAA Texas 500 Weekend, so make sure to look for us!  Lick the Salt, Drink the Beer! 

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