Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look Back on Fiesta

Hope you had as much fun as we did at this month’s Fiesta events.  In years past, Twang has only played small parts in the shadows of different organizations that we have previously partnered up with for Fiesta in San Antonio.  Twang supports local efforts of all kinds.
This was the first year Twang Beer Salt could be found at all booths during Oyster Bake. People could grab a few samples of Twang with which to garnish their cold drink. To many, they were excited to have Twang avaliable. To others, Twang was an exciting new taste to garnish their drink with.

In previous years, Twang would partner up with KRTU 91.7 that broadcasts mainstream Jazz in San Antonio and would have a sampling booth next to the KRTU Jazz stage.    KRTU 91.7 is a listener supported radio station out of Trinity University.  Twang supports KRTU’s efforts by sponsoring programs and students for music education, tickets for jazz concerts, mentoring and classes for youngsters and upcoming jazz talent. 

Twang also co-promoted with Modelo’s Brand Manager out of Silver Eagle Distributing. We were able to pass out samples with every import beer that went out at the Tejano Explosion, Poteet Strawberry Festival, selected booths at the San Fernando Fiesta, a Lawyer NIOSA Party right outside the gates of NIOSA, and selected booth inside NIOSA itself.   

Some of the smaller arena’s Twang where represented:
·         Siesta Fest
·         Market Square
·         Night in Leon Springs

We hope you had the opportunity to encounter Twang at one of the Fiesta events this year. We had a blast meeting past and new friends.  What events would you like to see Twang at throughout the year?? Post your comments!!
Happy Fiesta, till next year!

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