Monday, July 11, 2011

Troops Receiving Twang Products Overseas!

Karon Carley, National President
Operation Interdependence

Dear Twang Team:

This past week I attended Country Jam in Mack Colorado on behalf of our organization that supports the troops.
I noticed your company giving away small samples of beer salt and other flavored salts. I opened one of the lime beer salt packages and was thrilled with the taste I got just buy putting a little on my finger to taste. 

Now let me quickly explain why I’m emailing you about this.

Operation Interdependence is a 501C3 nonprofit all volunteer organization that sends Civilian Rations® to 25,000 plus troops each month around the world but especially to the war zones. We put 50 C-rats® (a quart bag with a note from home and several small comfort items) into a box and send to commanders so everyone in the unit gets a package from home each month they are deployed, no one is left out. For many it is the only communication they receive from home. Check out our website at we have for 10 years been serving our military community by sending over 2 million Civilian Rations®.

I’m sure you are aware that the troops deployed into the desert areas really need salt and what a great way for them to get some of their salt allotment than in our condiment packages that have your flavored salt. Not only does it give them salt it also lets them flavor some of the foods that are so bland and it comes from home to top it off.

If I might be so bold as to make a couple of suggestions.

1.  Right now the southern part of Texas including San Antonio is holding an “Operation Care Drop” drive for Operation Interdependence, collecting products to send to the troops. The drive runs through July 4th. If you will donate a case of two of your salts I will be happy to give you the Texas manager’s name, email and phone so you can make arrangements to get some sample packages to her.

2.  Grand Junction Colorado is the next largest unit that ships to the troops. We have a warehouse we work from. If you could see your way clear to also send to the Colorado warehouse a case or two of the salts that means you would be reaching nearly all the 25,000 plus troops that all of Operation Interdependence ships to each month.

If you will consider the suggestions above just email me at for more information. 

I’m really excited at the thoughts of our troops receiving some of your salts. I hope you will consider helping them out by donating them to Operation Interdependence.
I hope to hear from you soon.


Karon Carley, CEO/President
& Area Manager  
Grand Junction, CO
Operation Interdependence®

A Civilian-to-Military Delivery System®

10 Years of service to our military community sending over 2 million Civilian Rations(R)
On the table ready to pack.

 Putting into a condiment ( Snack ) bag.

 A completed Civilian Ration with the condiment bag.

Volunteer putting them into the snack bags.

One of the finished boxes that will be shipped.

Thank you to Karon Carley and her team at Operation Interdependence for allowing us to be part of this opportunity to support troops overseas.  Good luck and thank you to all the services members out there for what you do for our great country.   Please enjoy our Twang products and look for us when stateside. 

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