Thursday, July 7, 2011

Twang Beer Salt at Country Jam in Grand Junction Colorado!

This year’s Country Jam was a blast.  This 4-day concert was held in the western part of Colorado in the city of Grand Junction. Featuring some obvious favorites, Lady Antebellum, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, and Neal McCoy packed the grounds along with 16 other local and upcoming bands that rocked the mountain skyline.  This was Twang’s second music fest to attend and we covered a lot ground.  We were able to sample, entertain, and do some educating on our Twang Beer Salt to many Colorado’s locals and some travelers from every part of the nation.   

More or less, about half already knew what Twang Beer Salt was, and those that didn’t were almost immediate Twang users on the spot that weekend!  Some were a little apprehensive at first, taking one or two sample packets, then after tasting it and learning how to use it,  would almost immediately come back to load up for the rest of the day and for the parties that would go on throughout the night.   

A crowd favorite was the “It’s Not Going to Lick Itself!” tee shirts, not to mention the other cool stuff that we were giving away at the event.  (koozies, keychains, other apparel, etc.)  It’s always fun when you are the only vendor at event’s like this one giving away free stuff. 

Thank you Colorado for having Twang part of your event, we had a blast and we look forward to seeing you at other events like this one and at next year’s Country Jam. 

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