Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Infinite Possibilities

Imagine... a customer ordering a drink and tasting something memorable before the first sip hits their lips! Imagine... a drink menu that looks delicious enough to generate the magic words: “We want what that table just ordered!”
This is what happens when bartenders, beverage directors and mixologists add our drink rimmers to the equation.

Our gourmet salt and sugar blends developed specifically for:
a) use on the rims of restaurant and bar glassware
b) refining and “spicing up” the look and taste of classic drinks
c) concocting alluring signature drinks and other “new favorites”

With a vast selection of delicious flavored sugar and salt blends to choose from, each with a unique eye-catching color, there’s unlimited ways to boost the appeal and value of your cocktails, alcohol-free and dessert drinks. Check in with us often, because exciting new flavors are always on the way!

Our Cocktail Rimmers are truly the original cocktail garnish.  We've been inventing, innovating and honing our sugars and salt blends since 1999.  As a boutique manufacturer, we maintain a passion for quality, and our gourmet garnishes contain only the finest ingredients: pure cane sugar, sea salt and all-natural flavors.

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