Friday, March 25, 2011

Things Twang Does You Probably Didn't Know About!

Rose's Cocktail Sugars

Rose's Cocktail Sugars are geared towards trendsetters who enjoy socializing and experimenting with the latest cocktail and food trends.  These sugars, used for rimming cockails or garnishing foods are affordable, and capture the most current flavors and trends in the cocktail and foodservice world.

Entertaining in the home rather than going out is a growing trend. Consumers are now entertaining and creating signature drinks at home. Rose's Cocktail sugars are a a long standing category leader in the mixer segment, and its premiere ingredients are trusted by bartenders and caterers nationwide. 

Rose's Cocktail Sugars are made with all natural flavors and pure cane sugar for the perfect gourmet compliment to any cocktail which allows consumers to create signature drinks in seconds.  Rose's Cocktail Sugars obviously pair perfectly with Rose's Mixers and any spirit for a complete cocktail solution.  All Rose's products are all made and packaged in the USA.


Margaritaville Margarita Salts

Margaritaville Margarita Salt is for anyone who enjoys an excape from the stress of everyday life and seeks a party in paradise any day of the week.  Backed by Jimmy Buffett, these margarita salts are for your entertainers who enjoy gathering with friends to share good food, good drink and good times.  It's compelling to the target consumer because of the signature Jimmy Buffett puts behind this product. Margaritaville is a long-trusted brand synonmous with high quality products and just plain fun.

Margaritas are the #1 cocktail in America.  If the first thing to touch your lips at first sip is what's on the rim, why not make it Margaritaville's unique blend of sweet and salty flavor made with premium ingredients (all natural flavors, pure cane sugar, and sea salt).

These products are found in Grocery and Liquor stores in the mixer and specialty sections, or online at the company website.

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